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If you are like most, failing terrifies you!  You don't want to fail so you work your hardest to be seen as a winner.  Winners - people who succeed in life - are liked and looked up to.  Losers - people who fail - are ridiculed and forgotten.

This message is the start of our new series called "Life Lessons from a Loser."  We will learn from the life of a guy in the Bible who seemed to have everything going right.  Even though he had great potential, his choices and actions propelled him towards failure and the legacy of being a loser. There are valuable lessons in his story and mistakes to avoid!

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In this lesson, we will look at the message to the seventh church in Revelation. Jesus' words show you that being a biblical Christian is not simply following God when it is convenient or beneficial - it requires a commitment that lasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Jesus calls you to commit your entire life and follow Him.

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Have you ever been in a season where everything seems to go wrong? Your family is struggling, your finances are suffering, your job is in jeopardy, and your health is going downhill.  Maybe you are there right now.  If so, Jesus' message in Revelation 3:7-12 will give you the hope you need. 
In this message, you will learn the powerful lesson that nothing can stop God's plan.  No sickness, rumor, or attack of the enemy can stop God's will from being accomplished.  In the season where you can't seem to catch a break, this is an important promise to remember.

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If you are like most, you care about your reputation.  You don't want others to believe you are a bad person, so you work hard to put yourself in a good light.  But a reputation means nothing if you don't live up to it.  In this message, we will look at Jesus' message to the church in Sardis.  Jesus' words in Revelation 3:1-3 show that you cannot truly follow Him based on the reputation of a relationship that you once had.  A healthy relationship with Jesus must be active and genuine.

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