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The Bible is our guidebook for living.  In the story we look at today, we discover that there have always been people who created their own gods.  It's not a new conflict.  It's not a new way to think.  In fact, these gods are put to the test over and over, with the same result.  Rod Loy looks at the story of Elijah and the 450 prophets of Baal.

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What is a miracle?  Is it a grilled cheese sandwich bearing an image of the Virgin Mary?  Is it finding a good parking spot at the mall?  Is it your boss finally giving you a raise?  We look for miracles in a lot of different places.  Are they real? Do they still happen?  Rod Loy looks at the subject of miracles.

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It happens every year before football season starts.  Every team talks about how this is their year to win the Super Bowl.  At the end of the season, though, only one team wins.  The battle, the game, proves who is the better team.  It's that way in life, too.  The battles we encounter make us better.  Great moments are preceded by tough moments.  Do you feel like you're in a battle right now?  This is your chance for a great moment!

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When you fail, God doesn't see your failure and run away. He isn't up in heaven waiting to club you over the head.  Instead, when you fail, God initiates releationship with you.  God is not focused on the failure.  He is focused on you.  Rod Loy looks at God's response to failure.



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