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There is likely something in your life that is out of control.   It didn't start that way, you didn't plan on losing control, but you have.    Regardless of what has you trapped, you can be free.

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We have been taught that faith is a formula.  If we'll just pray the right prayer, do the right things, give in the right offering, or go to the right church, God will heal and bless us.   But is that the case?  How much is up to you, and how much is up to God?


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In our culture, we've devalued the word "miracle."  But a real miracle is not something that people can do, it's something only God can do.  You may think that you or something in your life is too far gone.  It's too late to change. But your opinion of when it is over and too far gone is not necessarily right.  

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After Jesus physically left the earth, His disciples accomplished amazing things!   The reason was not their ability or accomplishments.  It was through the power of the Holy Spirit -- the Helper who worked in them and through them.  The Holy Spirit still works in and through us today!

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