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Life on the run - running from God.  It's not a physical thing - you aren't literally sprinting.  It's more of a decision to ignore His plan for your life.  There is a predictable pattern that develops in the life of a person who runs from God.  Looking at a famous story in the Bible, we'll see this pattern and what it means for us.

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What is a hypocrite?  Someone who pretends to be something they are not.  They seem to practice religion, but really, they are just playing games.  Jesus calls them lukewarm. 

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No circumstance, attack, or pressure is greater than the power of God.  No enemy can stop God's plan for you!  Quit letting news channels, politicians, and gloomy Facebook posts determine your outlook on life.  They aren't the ones that are in control!

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When a Christian becomes soley focused on doing things for God rather than being a child of God, it can become dangerous.  While we should work for Him, we were *designed* for relationship with Him!

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