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Sometimes, our lives are thrown into storms through no fault of our own.  You might lose a loved one, your finances take a sudden turn for the worse, or your older years are not what you anticipated.  What should we do when we are tossed into a storm?

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If life is a cruise, nothing is more difficult than a shipwreck.  Shipwrecks in your life aren't like the ones from old movies or television shows.  They result in pain, devastation, and death.  You think everything is great, but then the storm hits.  Many times, we have no control over a shipwreck, but there are times when your ship of life wrecks because of bad decisions. You should have known better, but there you are, in the middle of a shipwreck.

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An interesting story about the Israelites, after the famous battle of Jericho, involves one guy who thought nobody would know what he did in secret. It ended up costing him everything.  In this message, Pastor Patrick Lander looks at the story of Achan.

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