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Weekend messages from Pastor Rod Loy and FirstNLR.

In this message, you will learn from one of the most beautiful passages Paul wrote to the Ephesians. Pastor Rod teaches you how biblical passages can be extraordinary prayers!

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Our series over Ephesians has been both challenging and encouraging.  The last three weeks have pushed us to become better followers of Jesus - biblical Christians.  
In this message, we'll look at the kind of people God uses.  It’s an awesome, uplifting passage.  If you feel useless or like God's plan for you has failed, this is the perfect message for you!  Don't miss your chance to find hope!
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In this message, we’ll look at a passage where Paul challenged his audience to put aside their differences and rally around what they had in common – Jesus, His sacrifice on the cross, His love, and His grace. It’s a passage that contains powerful lessons that hit close to home and will likely make you uncomfortable. We challenge you – watch until the end! We are all part of the solution. Every Soul Matters!
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What word do you put before “Christian” to define yourself? Black Christian? White Christian? Conservative Christian? Liberal Christian? Evangelical Christian?⁠ We cannot and will not allow culture, political parties, or society to define Christianity. The Bible is our guidebook for living. We must follow its teaching.
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