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Weekend messages from Pastor Rod Loy and FirstNLR.
It's not a popular topic on Christian TV, and it doesn't sell many books, but the Bible deals constantly with the topic of suffering in a believer's life.  How should a Christian respond to persecution, hard times, suffering, and hardship?
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All too often, when Christians encounter opposition from the world, they freak out, busying themselves with forwarding e-mails, and getting angry at the government, or whatever is the target at that time.  What if Christians took all the time they spent being angry and instead spent that time praying?  In the book of First Peter, Peter gives us strategy about not how to react to the world around us, but how to influence it through love.
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Living for Jesus and demonstrating your faith is easy at church.  It's accepted and popular.  But it's not so easy everywhere else.  Like it or not, we have to live out our faith in the real world.   So, how do you do it?
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