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Most people make big plans for the New Year - life-altering decisions called resolutions. Most of the time, though, we waste these opportunities at "do overs."  This struggle is not new.  And just like everything else we face, the Bible has some answers. 

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Over the week of Christmas, business will shut down, schools will let out and stores will be absolutely packed.  In an increasingly secular society, everything still stops for Christmas.  Why? What's the big deal about Christmas?

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Worry is fear about things that haven't happened yet or are already in the past.  Worry is toxic.  It affects your relationships, your energy, and your health.  It can dominate your thinking.  No one enjoys worrying.  But, how do you stop?  What's the answer?  Is there a cure?

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Loneliness isn't discussed in church very often.  Even talking about loneliness can be uncomfortable.  But it's important to talk about it because at some point, everybody feels alone.  Feeling lonely isn't a sin and it doesn't mean that you are a failure or are flawed.  What does the Bible have to say about loneliness?

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The dictionary definition of weary is: physically or mentally exhausted by hard work, exertion, strain; faitgued; tired.  Does this describe you?  What do you do?  Is there an answer?  Is there hope?

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We all like to receive gifts.  But in this message, Pastor Rod talks about a gift from God - a gift we really need in life's most difficult, stressful times. 

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Long-term illness is a topic the church doesn't often address.  In this message, Pastor Rod answers some questions about long-term illness as we look at a famous healing in the Bible.

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You can't "kind of" follow Jesus.  It's all or nothing.  Reaching out to others is part of the deal - whether that's here in the US, or some remote corner of the world.  That's what missions is about.  We creatively build bridges and strategically partner with other bridge builders in order to lead people to Jesus.  

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Our mission as followers of Jesus is to be "bridge builders", to share the Good News about Jesus, whose death on the cross bridged the gap between God and man. Having walked across that bridge ourselves and discovered the love of God, we have an obligation and an assignment to help others walk across the bridge, too.

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It's often hard to tell someone the truth.  Really, we should be grateful that someone loves us enough to tell us the truth.  But that's not always the way it is in life, is it?  The old saying, "the truth hurts," is often true.

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Are you trying to live your life without God?  Are you wondering why life isn't going like it seems it should?  Just like a car, we can't run on empty...

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In life, in business, in society, even in the church world, there's a subtle, and sometimes not so subtle pull toward self-promotion.   But there's a principle: you can't exalt Jesus while promoting yourself.

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When you spend time with God, you act differently, you feel different, and people can notice the change.  But God's presence has a purpose!

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Have you been fighting a major battle?  You've been trying to win on your own and failing miserably.  Why?  There are some battles you just can't win by yourself.  We need each other.

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Have you ever felt lost, not on the road, but in life?  The times, the seasons in your life when nothing seems to make sense, when things aren't coming together and you can't seem to find direction.  God knew we would have times in our lives when we feel lost, lonely, confused, and afraid - full of questions and searching for answers.  

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This episode examines how Moses reacted when his people dissappointed him and turned away from God.

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Who is your enemy, or what is your enemy? It could be depression, sickness, or fear. When things are going wrong, when we are under attack, we have an alarming tendency to become enemy-focused.   We focus on our enemies instead of on God. But God has a plan for our enemies!

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When the circumstances in your life are overwhelming, when it looks like there is no way out, keep going!  God has something to say to you!   

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God is a God of mercy and love.  But, looking at the Word of God, it is clear there is also a time when God judges wickedness.  What are some things we can learn from Moses and the plagues that struck Egypt?

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We want God's plan as long as it is easy, and makes sense.  We want it to be logical, detailed, and complete with every step clearly laid out in advance.  But what happens when we don't know all the details?  Like Moses, will we find it hard to obey God at first?



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Sometimes we all have "wilderness" times:  when we feel horribly alone and forgotten.  We might wonder if God even knows where we are...

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We are obsessed with speed.  We want what we want - and we want it now!  Are we that way with God, too?  Are we even impatient with our Heavenly Father who knows what is best for us?  In this message, Pastor Patrick Lander continues the story of Moses and his impatience with God's plan.

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We often wonder "why?"  We search to find a reason, meaning or purpose in difficult circumstances, unjust decisions, and unreasonable people. When there are no good answers, it forces a difficult decision: Will you trust God despite circumstances?

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There is a final level of stewardship that we don't often see in America - sacrifice.  What does it mean to sacrifice?

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Sometimes, Christians mistake obedience for generosity.  If you tithe, you are simply being obedient to what the Bible teaches.  But being generous takes you to the next step!

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Stewardship acknowledges: everything I have comes from God.  What is the starting point of stewardship?  What must we do first if we want to be good stewards of what God has given us?

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Jesus taught a lot about money and stewardship.   15% of Jesus' teaching was on the subject of money and our possessions, more than all His teachings on Heaven and Hell combined. He spent so much time on the subject because He knew that the whole area of money and finances is a difficult area for people to obey God.  There are some powerful Kingdom principles about money that can and will alter your life and future.

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If you are a Christian, you are a square peg.  You will never quite fit with society because you live by a different set of values.  No matter how hard you try, you won't ever completely fit - and you're not supposed to.  But, what does that look like?  How do you live that out?

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Real love - putting others first - caring about others - sacrificing your own interests, opinions and agendas for the sake of others - is a counter-culture way to live.  What does God say about love in the Book of First John?  It's one of the hardest, most convicting passages in the entire Bible.

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Our world is obsessed with love and the search for love.  Songs, TV shows, books, and movies have covered the topic over and over.  We were designed by God for relationship, and we long for it.  But so many people look in the wrong places.

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Sin isolates you.  But the good news is, even in that isolation of sin, Jesus sees you. He does more than just see you.  He comes to your aid. In this message, Pastor Patrick Lander continues our look at the book of First John.

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There are many different kinds of people, but Jesus brings us together.  We may not have anything else in common, but we have Jesus in common.  It's all of us - together.  Connected by Jesus.  We are family - the family of God!

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When you think of Easter, what image or picture comes to mind?  It's OK to think about food, family, and fun.  But the day honors something so much more important than that.  In this message, Pastor Rod Loy talks about three pictures that tell the story of Easter.

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In this final message in the series, Pastor Rod Loy looks at the final section of the 23rd Psalm - a promise of what the Good Shepherd has prepared for us.

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The Lord protects you from enemies and harm and positions you for blessing.  Your Good Shepherd prepares a table before you in the presence of your enemies. Jesus even faced death before you, so you would not have to fear death.  What a wonderful, Good Shepherd.

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When things are going your way, if feels like anything you try is going to succeed.  You love those times and wish you could make it last forever.  But, inevitably, something comes wrong.  Difficulty comes.  Challenges and obstacles arise.  You're in a deep, dark valley that seems like it will go on forever.  What do you do?  How do you survive?  Will you survive?

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No matter how far you've wandered and left the flock, the Good Shepherd seeks you out.  The word "restores" is present tense, not past tense.  It's something God does now, immediately.  There's not a waiting period to be restored by God.

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Are you stressed?  The world today is a busy, stressful place.   But we can find rest. Jesus, our Shepherd, prepared the way for us so you can find rest and peace.

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The 23rd Psalm might be the best known chapter in the Bible.  This Psalm is on greeting cards, crafts, rugs, pictures, and paintings.  The words are very familiar.  But familiar words don't always mean understood words.   In this series, Pastor Rod Loy will transform a passage that can seem rote and remind us that it is one that is rich with meaning.

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We should look at life with a "long lens."  A long lens, like a telescope, lets you see what you can't see at a casual glance.  A long lens lets you see trouble or opportunity way out on the horizon that you can't see now.

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Accountability is vital to growth and change.  But if you want to ruin your life, avoid accountability.  Don't let anyone challenge your decisions and actions.  Don't allow anyone to ask you the tough questions.  What is the result when we live without accountability?

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Our society encourages us to compare ourselves with others - the way we look, how much stuff we have, the products we use.  But the problem with comparison is - whether you win or lose, in the end you'll always lose.

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Your words have power.  When you open your mouth before you engage your brain, it leads to disaster.  In this message, Brian Dollar talks about the power of our words, and some steps we can take to help us think before we speak.

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In our world today, there is an epidemic of selfishness.  Everywhere you look, people are consumed with living for themselves.  Why is this a problem?

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Holding onto a grudge is refusing to forgive.  Instead of forgiving, you carry the hurt or offense with you.  This one issue keeps people locked in the past - in a cycle of bitterness, anger, hurt, and regret.  What steps can we take to forgive?

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Many of us make chasing what feels good their life strategy. The thought is, if it feels good, how could it be wrong?  "If it feels good, do it" could be the theme of our society.   We are a culture motivated by convenience and feeling, instead of principle.  What does this produce in the long run?  How are we supposed to live?

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Do you want to ruin your life? Do you want to be miserable and unhappy?  Probably nobody would answer "yes" to those questions.  But, every day, we all face decisions and choices that could lead to that end.  In this series, we are going to look at eight of the most common mistakes people make.  In this message, Rod Loy talks about what the Bible says about authority, and what happens when we take ourselves out from under it.

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What makes a church healthy?  We can look to the church in the Book of Acts for an example of what a church is supposed to be.

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