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Our final post it note is also one of the final messages of the Bible.  Jesus is coming back soon.  Although people have tried for centuries to predict when that will be, the Bible says nobody knows.  What do we need to know about Christ's return?

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Pastor Rod talks about the warning signs of an unhealthy relationship, and also at what makes relationships healthy.

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Are there days you feel like quitting?  Everyone has those moments.  In fact, people quit all kinds of things, all the time.  Most of us understand, that bad days happen.  That's part of life.  Tomorrow is a new day.  Some things seem more serious, though.  What would God say to us about quitting?

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The Bible says there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.  God wants to forgive!

This song finished the message - it's a live recording featuring Pastor Brad Russell and the First NLR worship team.  Use it as a reminder that we are forgiven!

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We recently spent time talking about forgiveness, and we heard that many people struggle not with forgiving others, but forgiving themselves.  They feel bad for something in their past and don't know how to move on.  How do you forgive yourself and move beyond your past?  What does God have to say to us about it?

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In this message, Pastor Rod interviews Michael and Tiffany Richardson, missionaries from our church who are working with the DeToog people, a tribe in a remote region of Tanzania.  Even the most forgotten people in the most remote land are not forgotten by God!

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Pastor Brad Russell continues the Post it Notes from God series with this message about God's crazy love for us.

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