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Four More Years! is a chant you often hear at political conventions.  If an elected president has done a good job--or even if he hasn't--his supporters wave banners and cheer "four more years!"

There are four more years until our 100th anniversary as a church.  What should a 100-year old church look like?  What keeps a body healthy?  In this message, Rod Loy lays out what our church, and what any church, should look like if they want to be a healthy, vibrant church in this century.


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It today's world, it's easy to become cynical and have a bad attitude.  Understand - your attitude is more than just what you say or do.  It's also about what you feel.  Your attitude is your choice.

In this message, Rod Loy looks at Philippians Chapter 2, in which the apostle Paul talks about the attitudes we should choose to possess as followers of Christ.  How can we choose to have a good attitude?

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Most people make big plans for the new year - life-altering decisions, called resolutions.  The goal is always to be better, to grow, and to improve.  The problem is, most of the time, we waste the opportunity.  Our "do over" becomes a "do again."  We find ourselves in the same harmful habits and never ending ruts.

How can we really change?  The Bible has some answers!

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