First Assembly NLR Audio Podcast
Weekend messages from Pastor Rod Loy and FirstNLR.

In this message, Pastor Rod Loy continues our series Dangerous Road Ahead with two key principles that will help you keep going when things look uncertain and dangerous. You'll be encouraged!

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In this message, Pastor Rod Loy talks about making it through life's dangerous roads. We'll also hear about some amazing people who choose to face danger while serving Jesus.


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Pastor Rod Loy finishes our "Only God" series with the story of an unlikely candidate for a miracle, who received his healing in an unusual way. You can still believe for your miracle!

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Are you in a season of life where there is just never enough? Never enough money, time, energy?  In this message, Pastor Parker Loy looks at two miracles from Scripture and the message for you. You will be encouraged to believe God for miracles!

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What should we do when we can't "feel" God?  In these spiritual dry times, what does it mean to dig a ditch?


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