First Assembly NLR Audio Podcast
Weekend messages from Pastor Rod Loy and FirstNLR.

In this message, we look at a time when Jesus was criticized for sharing a meal with lost people. He wasn’t afraid to spend time with even the worst sinners—and He provides an example for us to follow. You’ll be reminded of the importance of putting lost people first, and you’ll learn some practical ways of introducing them to Jesus.

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It’s easy to see the needs of others around you and be moved to do something about them. But trying to meet them based on your own strength, time, and resources can be overwhelming—or even impossible. In this message, we’ll look at a time when Jesus used a little to make a huge difference. We'll discover how Jesus modeled what His followers should do in the face of overwhelming need. He can do a lot with a little!

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In a culture that didn’t value children, Jesus not only welcomed them—He said adults should be more like them. In this message, we look at what it means to have childlike faith.

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