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Weekend messages from Pastor Rod Loy and FirstNLR.

Do you ever get tired of waiting?  We all get tired in doctor's waiting rooms, at stop lights, and so on.  But do you get tired of waiting on God?  Do you see others experiencing blessings while you wait?   How do you respond when it seems like your answer is never going to come?

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We tend to bring our rational, logical American mindset into our relationship with God. We want everything to make good, solid logical sense.  We want to be able to figure it out.  But, God doesn't always work that way.  What do you do when God's instructions don't seem to make sense?

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A lot of us have a fear of the unknown.    What makes it so difficult is the uncertainty.  When you know what is coming, you can brace yourself for it.    When you don't know what's ahead, you don't know how to prepare yourself.  How can we deal with this fear?  What's the best way to handle things when you are facing the unknown?

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No matter how big or strong you are, there is something you fear.  Whether we want to admit it or not, we all face fear.  But for some of us, it's bigger.  They face fear daily, and it controls their lives.  They are consumed with fear.  If you are struggling with fear, what should you do?  How do you deal with fear?

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Almost everyone fears something - heights, closed spaces, snakes, and more.  These fears don't really control your life that much.  But there are some fears, real fears that can dominate your thinking and control your life.  Some of us face those fears daily: rejection, change, failure, other people's opinions, the unknown.

What do you fear?  What keeps you from doing and being everything God made you to be and do?


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