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Unresolved conflict -- broken relationships between people who claim to be followers of Christ -- is the reason many unchurched people want no part of church.  We often try to pretend such conflict doesn't exist.  What does the Bible say about conflict?  What should we do when this happens to us or to other Christians?
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The church should be a hospital for the broken - for people with a past, for people who have messed up.  It is a place where people can be restored.  Too often, though, the church is known as a place where they shoot their wounded.  How should the church react to people who've messed up?  What is our role as Christians in helping broken people get whole again?
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How could a loving God allow me to hurt like this?  Why haven't I been healed?  Why hasn't God answered my prayers?
Rod Loy looks at these and other questions in this message.

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Just like the ill-fated egg of the nursery rhyme, sometimes it seems like we will never be able to put it all back together again.   In this message, Rod Loy looks at how to get your life back together when everything seems broken.
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There are studies that indicate that the average American household carries between $8,000 and $10,000 balance on their credit cards with interest rates in the high teens.  Many owe much more.  Being in debt is like being in chains: your decisions are based on how much you owe on your cards.
In this message, Rod Loy challenges some commonly-held attitudes about credit and debt.
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