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Weekend messages from Pastor Rod Loy and FirstNLR.

Have you ever been afraid to share a difficult truth?  Paul asks, "Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth?".  Telling the truth can cause divison, it can make enemies, and if we make truth-tellers our enemies then we become blind to the truth.  How can we be brave enough to tell the truth and strong enough to hear it? 

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When we find ourselves in a low valley--when we've spectacularly failed--we often ask questions like: "Why me? How could I fail like this? How did I ever let myself get to this place?  What went wrong?"  Whether you have been there, or will someday, this message will be an eye-opener.  Are you trying to live your life through your strength, or God's?

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With so many messages bombarding us every day, who do we listen to?  How can we really please God?  What does it mean to follow Jesus? 

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Sometimes, we find ourselves in traps:  addiction, pornography, and many other things can keep us trapped in sin.  Like a mouse attracted to cheese, there was initially something appealing in the trap.  What looked good, easy, and fun at first didn't stay that way.  It was a trap.

All you want to do is get out, but you can't get yourself out of a trap.  You need a Rescuer.

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