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Weekend messages from Pastor Rod Loy and FirstNLR.

The lostness of our world should break our hearts.  What is our reaction supposed to be to all the hurt and pain?  Sin should break our hearts and move us to tears.  We are supposed to share our faith!  In this message, Pastor Parker Loy looks at the story of the Apostle Paul in Athens, and how he shared his faith with that culture.  What he did applies to us in our culture, too!

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One of life's biggest problems is something most people don't see as a problem at all - success. We've all failed, but many times the more difficult test of an individual is how they handle success.

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You should be able to walk in the door of church and feel loved and accepted.  But any time people live, work, or spend lots of time together, conflict inevitably happens.  Even at church, people can disagree.  The true test of faith and maturity is - how will we conduct ourselves, and how can we resolve these issues?  What does it mean to resolve conflict Biblically?

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In this message, we look at one of the most incredible stories in the Bible.  Two guys, as different from each other as they could be, both had incredible visions from God. One was a Christian, and the other was a Christian killer. It's a story filled with danger, intrigue, surprise, and adventure.

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Do you have conflict, tension or broken relationships in your family? In this message, we learn reconciliation lessons from a touching, powerful story in the Bible. Families can be healed!

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