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Weekend messages from Pastor Rod Loy and FirstNLR.

The day after a special occasion - Christmas, a birthday, graduation - always seems to be a letdown. The "day after" can never live up to the "day of". But this isn't just true for special occasions - sadly, it can be true for our relationship with God.

In this message, you will learn that you don't serve a distant, unfamiliar God. You follow a personal God and from His life, you will learn important lessons about how to live yours. God calls you to be an imitator of Jesus - to be Christlike. Together, we will learn to approach our world as Jesus did.

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Are you searching for the perfect gift?⁠ ⁠

Good news! The perfect gift has already been given to you. God sent His son, Jesus to save you. It was the ultimate display of love and care. In this message, we will celebrate the birth of Jesus.⁠

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How well do you know the Christmas story? The real story - not the commercialized one where Santa comes to visit baby Jesus before he is off to stuff our stockings. Who was really at the manger that silent night?

In this message, you will learn from the story of the most and least influential characters in the Christmas story - the shepherds and wise men. You will see from the drastic social difference between the shepherds and wise men that Jesus is for everyone - Every Soul Matters to God.

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Every good story has some sort of villain. Disney movies, marvel comics, and even Hallmark Christmas classics all have someone who you would consider the villain.

In this message, we will take a look at a Christmas story character that often is not focused on. King Herod – the villain of our story – was a ruthless and self-centered ruler who tried to stop Jesus’ life at its very beginning. But Herod’s power was temporary and his kingdom faded away – just like every force that is intent on destroying Jesus and His kingdom. You will be encouraged that we serve the King of Kings who will reign forever.

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