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Weekend messages from Pastor Rod Loy and FirstNLR.

As a church family, we understand that because every soul matters to God, every soul must matter to us. But, what does that look like in everyday life? This weekend, we'll look at practical ways of applying this guiding principle to your life.

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"Every Soul Matters to God" is a phrase you hear a lot around here.  ESMTG. We print it on t-shirts, cups, pens--everything imaginable!  But, it's more than a catchy saying.  It is a core value.

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In today's sermon, Pastor Rod recounts the story of the prophet Elijah at an incredibly low point in his life. It is a model for overcoming discouragement and depression.

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Naaman's is the story of an unexpected miracle and an unexpected hero. Even if you have heard this story before, you might be surprised!

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