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Weekend messages from Pastor Rod Loy and FirstNLR.
We all know someone who has gone through some kind of tragedy. It seems odd that even good people can be stricken by illness or other disaster. Many will ask why, if God is so good, does He allow these things to happen? In this message, Rod Loy answers the question, why do bad things happen to good people?
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Are you so busy working and doing things for God that you've forgotten your initial love for Him? What happens to the fervor of a new Christian as he or she matures?
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It's relatively easy to forgive the guy who cuts you off in traffic. You don't have to see him again. It's over and done. The people closest to us, however, are harder to forgive. Their wounds hurt the most. The memories stay fresh. The offense lingers. Why should we forgive? Why not get revenge?
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We understand - bad things sometimes happen in life. We shrug it off, laugh it off, or have a good cry and move on. But it's different for others. They begin to expect bad things to happen-and more bad things to follow. They become pessimistic. How can you avoid negative thinking?
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Nobody is out of the reach of God, who is willing to go to great lengths to bring them back to Him. How does God get through to someone whose conscience has been seared, cut off from feeling - who no longer feels or knows the difference from right or wrong?
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Sometimes we get in situations in our lives that everything seems hopeless. We wonder where God is, and why isn't He doing anything? In this special message, Rod Loy looks at story of Joseph, and how he went from prisoner to ruler.
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