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Weekend messages from Pastor Rod Loy and FirstNLR.

At First NLR we believe in building healthy families.  In fact, it is one of our Core Values!  But building a healthy family, raising healthy children, and fostering a healthy marriage is much easier said than done.  It takes work - hard work. 
In this message, you will discover principles that have the power to change your family's legacy for the better.  No matter where your family is at on this journey, We challenge you to watch each message.  We want your family to be healthy, whole, and life-long followers of Jesus.

If you are single, don't click away!  The principles we will learn are easily transferable to other relationships.  And, you’ll discover the important role you play as together we raise the next generation of leaders.

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In this message, we’ll look at a passage that covers the most difficult teaching of Jesus’ entire ministry, but one that is absolutely necessary to be His follower.  It’s a clear command, that ends with a difficult question and forces a decision.  This will be challenging and convicting. We praying that you will rise to the challenge as you discover just how high a price there is to obey and follow Jesus.

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Our world is more independent than ever!  With self-help books, tutorials on YouTube, and DIY projects the emphasis is doing it on your own.  But Jesus tells us that in this world, we will face trouble - trouble that we cannot conquer alone.  In this message, we will discover the power behind seeking God's help.  When you ask, God responds! ⁠

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The fear of being judged is something that keeps people away from church.  There is no doubt that the Church in America has the reputation of being judgmental - but this is not how it should be.  In this message, as we continue to study the commands of Jesus, we will see the biblical view on judgment.  Nobody is perfect, therefore nobody has the place to judge.  When you judge others from a place of imperfection, you fall into the vicious trap of hypocrisy.  Together we will learn how to escape this cycle of judgment.

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Jesus said, Mt.28:19 “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit…”  In this message, we’ll consider our response to that command.  You’ll enjoy some incredible stories of how the seed you have planted has resulted in an incredible harvest.  It’s going to be a fun look at how God has used your generous giving in remarkable ways.
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