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Our world is more independent than ever!  With self-help books, tutorials on YouTube, and DIY projects the emphasis is doing it on your own.  But Jesus tells us that in this world, we will face trouble - trouble that we cannot conquer alone.  In this message, we will discover the power behind seeking God's help.  When you ask, God responds! ⁠

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The fear of being judged is something that keeps people away from church.  There is no doubt that the Church in America has the reputation of being judgmental - but this is not how it should be.  In this message, as we continue to study the commands of Jesus, we will see the biblical view on judgment.  Nobody is perfect, therefore nobody has the place to judge.  When you judge others from a place of imperfection, you fall into the vicious trap of hypocrisy.  Together we will learn how to escape this cycle of judgment.

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Jesus said, Mt.28:19 “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit…”  In this message, we’ll consider our response to that command.  You’ll enjoy some incredible stories of how the seed you have planted has resulted in an incredible harvest.  It’s going to be a fun look at how God has used your generous giving in remarkable ways.
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In this message, we continue our study of the commands of Jesus.  There is no question where Jesus stands when it comes to forgiveness - we must forgive everyone.  That's hard when our world values revenge and retaliation over biblical restoration.  But as biblical followers of Jesus, we know that the price for failing to forgive is clear.⁠

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When you think of Easter, you may not think of it as a love story. In this message, we explore the remarkable love of Jesus and His commands for us regarding love. It really is the ultimate love story!

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An important part of living as a biblical Christian is obeying Jesus’ commands.  You’ll be challenged to obey and to grow in the new series we start: “Obeying Jesus”.

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In this message, we conclude Lessons from Ephesians with a look at the very real battle between good and evil.  You’ll learn powerful principles that will help you fight and defeat Satan!

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In Ephesians 5:8, Paul instructed us to “live as children of light”.  In this message, we’ll look at more of Paul’s instructions regarding how children of the light should live.  It will be challenging and convicting but will finish with an uplifting encouragement.

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In this message, we will continue our study of Ephesians with a particularly interesting command from Paul in: “Be imitators of God…” (Eph. 5:1). Ephesians 5:1-9 is a powerful passage that will help you learn what it means to live like Jesus.
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In this message, we continue our study of Ephesians with instructions from Paul about living as the new you and leaving the old you behind. We finish with a life-changing principle from Scripture that will fill you with hope for the future.

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In this message, our study of Ephesians will continue with a look at Paul’s instructions regarding living worthy of your calling. We look at another powerful passage in this incredible book that is helping us learn to live as biblical Christians.⁠

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In this message, you will learn from one of the most beautiful passages Paul wrote to the Ephesians. Pastor Rod teaches you how biblical passages can be extraordinary prayers!

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Our series over Ephesians has been both challenging and encouraging.  The last three weeks have pushed us to become better followers of Jesus - biblical Christians.  
In this message, we'll look at the kind of people God uses.  It’s an awesome, uplifting passage.  If you feel useless or like God's plan for you has failed, this is the perfect message for you!  Don't miss your chance to find hope!
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In this message, we’ll look at a passage where Paul challenged his audience to put aside their differences and rally around what they had in common – Jesus, His sacrifice on the cross, His love, and His grace. It’s a passage that contains powerful lessons that hit close to home and will likely make you uncomfortable. We challenge you – watch until the end! We are all part of the solution. Every Soul Matters!
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What word do you put before “Christian” to define yourself? Black Christian? White Christian? Conservative Christian? Liberal Christian? Evangelical Christian?⁠ We cannot and will not allow culture, political parties, or society to define Christianity. The Bible is our guidebook for living. We must follow its teaching.
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Watching American Christians the last couple of years can be concerning. Many have re-defined Christianity to match their political preferences, personal opinions or how they wish things would be. Often, they panic and freak out over the very things Jesus told us would happen. Their actions and reactions don’t represent Jesus well and their social media posts are an absolute embarrassment to the kingdom. If we are going to impact our world for Jesus, something has to change. In this message, you are going to be really, really challenged by the shift we must make – what the Lord is calling us to become. Don’t worry – it’s not an opinion; it’s straight from Scripture.
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What would you do with a time machine? You could use it to get rid of debt or make amazing investments.⁠

Sadly, you don’t have the benefit of a time machine.  You can’t undo the past.  However, you can approach the future with a different mindset, and a changed perspective on money.⁠

In this message, we conclude our series, Money Talks, with an important message that will change your financial life.⁠

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In “Money Talks”, we are learning three principles that will radically change your financial life and financial future. In the last message, we learned the first word and principle: obey. If you obey God in any area of your life – including your finances – He responds with blessing. If you missed part one, watch it before you watch this message.

In this message, you will learn the second life-altering principle. This concept will be simple to understand but may be difficult to apply. Be ready to learn and willing to change.

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Money is in the news a lot. Gas prices are going up. Groceries cost more. Everything seems to cost more. You can’t watch the news or go online without seeing something about money and the economy.

Because money is a natural part of the world, it should be natural that we talk about how to handle money wisely according to the Bible. In this message, we will begin our series by talking about the first of three words that will help you to be wise with your finances.

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At the beginning of the year, people are thinking about and making New Year’s Resolutions – their plans for growth and change in 2022. The typical resolutions focus on starting healthy habits and stopping unhealthy habits. As you set your goals, don’t just focus on weight, working out, and quitting unhealthy stuff. Make spiritual goals for 2022. Ask God what He would have you to do, and become. Decide to make this New Year your best year with Jesus!

Growing with God best occurs in the context of a healthy church. In this message, we will talk about what a healthy church looks like, and how you can be a part.

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