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Holding onto a grudge is refusing to forgive.  Instead of forgiving, you carry the hurt or offense with you.  This one issue keeps people locked in the past - in a cycle of bitterness, anger, hurt, and regret.  What steps can we take to forgive?

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Many of us make chasing what feels good their life strategy. The thought is, if it feels good, how could it be wrong?  "If it feels good, do it" could be the theme of our society.   We are a culture motivated by convenience and feeling, instead of principle.  What does this produce in the long run?  How are we supposed to live?

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Do you want to ruin your life? Do you want to be miserable and unhappy?  Probably nobody would answer "yes" to those questions.  But, every day, we all face decisions and choices that could lead to that end.  In this series, we are going to look at eight of the most common mistakes people make.  In this message, Rod Loy talks about what the Bible says about authority, and what happens when we take ourselves out from under it.

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What makes a church healthy?  We can look to the church in the Book of Acts for an example of what a church is supposed to be.

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