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When God speaks to us, what does He say?    While we can't tell specifically what God will say to an individual, we can look at His pattern of interacting with people through Scripture.

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Leah Campbell's song from our series, God Speaks.

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God is speaking.  God wants you to listen for and hear His voice.  God wants you to know Him and His plan for your life.  If you are ready and willing to listen, you can hear Him.  But how does God speak?  Is it a booming voice from the heavens?   He actually uses several different ways to speak to us.

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We know that God spoke to people in Bible times.  What if God spoke to us in our every day lives?  What if God wants to tell you something - personally, individually, specifically, just for you?  Is that possible?  What if God is actively speaking to His people and would speak to you?  Would you like that?   How does God speak to us today, and how can we listen?

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Can one person make a difference?  In the Bible, and in our lives, we can see how one person, who is dedicated to a cause, can change the world.    If we don't do anything, will it stop God's plan?  No, but it would rob us of the chance to be involved in what God is doing.

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