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The gap between expectation and reality is where people become disappointed and disillusioned.  When reality doesn't match your expectation, that's when you struggle the most.  So what do you do when life is disappointing? 

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In the crazy hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, slow down and give yourself some gifts.

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God speaks to us many ways:  through the Bible, through impressions, through emotions, dreams, and many other ways.  You can't limit God or the way He speaks. He still speaks to His people.  But some people may say "Why don't I hear from God? Why isn't God speaking to me?"  In this message, Pastor Rod Loy looks at some possible answers to those questions.

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When God speaks to us, what does He say?    In this message, Pastor Rod Loy looks at what else God says when he speaks to us.

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When God speaks to us, what does He say?    While we can't tell specifically what God will say to an individual, we can look at His pattern of interacting with people through Scripture.

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Leah Campbell's song from our series, God Speaks.

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God is speaking.  God wants you to listen for and hear His voice.  God wants you to know Him and His plan for your life.  If you are ready and willing to listen, you can hear Him.  But how does God speak?  Is it a booming voice from the heavens?   He actually uses several different ways to speak to us.

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We know that God spoke to people in Bible times.  What if God spoke to us in our every day lives?  What if God wants to tell you something - personally, individually, specifically, just for you?  Is that possible?  What if God is actively speaking to His people and would speak to you?  Would you like that?   How does God speak to us today, and how can we listen?

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Can one person make a difference?  In the Bible, and in our lives, we can see how one person, who is dedicated to a cause, can change the world.    If we don't do anything, will it stop God's plan?  No, but it would rob us of the chance to be involved in what God is doing.

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A Rube Goldberg machine is a deliberately complicated way to perform a simple task.  It is a chain reaction that starts with something simple.  We can all be part of God's process.  We are a strategic link in a chain reaction that can and will touch and change the world.

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One person can make a huge difference for God in the world.   If we could see in advance how we could make a difference, we would sign up in a heartbeat.  But we have to choose obdedience, knowing that God will use us in ways we cannot even imagine right now.  In this series, Pastor Rod will look at the power of one person to set in motion a chain of events that can have a powerful effect on the world.

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What is normal?  Are you normal?   Society and church have changed a lot over the years, but what is supposed to be normal?   What does a normal family look like, according to the Bible?

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What is normal for a church?  What is God's definition of what is normal for a church? What can we do to get back to and preserve that?

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Christians are called to be the representatives of Jesus in a sin-filled world.  The Apostle Paul told the church to live a life worth of that calling.  He described what that looks like in Ephesians chapters 4, 5, and 6.  One of the biggest challenges in the church today is that too many Christians act normal instead of the new normal Paul describes.  In this message, Rod Loy talks about what Paul has to say about greed and immorality in our lives.

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When you live a life worthy of the calling, if you are truly committed to Jesus, it shows in the way you speak.  People should be able to listen to you and know something is different. But what is supposed to be normal for a Christian?

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What is "normal"?  What you consider normal is different depending on where you are, and who you are with.  What is normal in one place would be weird somewhere else.  What used to be normal no longer is.  What is normal for a person who is a follower of Christ?

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What you are concerned about says a lot about your values.  What are you concerned about?  How does it line up with what God is concerned about?

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It's funny, isn't it?  We should be able to learn from other people's mistakes and failures.  We should be able to read a story or see it as it happens with someone else and apply it to our own lives.  We should, but often we don't.   What does it usually take for us to learn life lessons?  What can we do about it?

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Life on the run - running from God.  It's not a physical thing - you aren't literally sprinting.  It's more of a decision to ignore His plan for your life.  There is a predictable pattern that develops in the life of a person who runs from God.  Looking at a famous story in the Bible, we'll see this pattern and what it means for us.

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What is a hypocrite?  Someone who pretends to be something they are not.  They seem to practice religion, but really, they are just playing games.  Jesus calls them lukewarm. 

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No circumstance, attack, or pressure is greater than the power of God.  No enemy can stop God's plan for you!  Quit letting news channels, politicians, and gloomy Facebook posts determine your outlook on life.  They aren't the ones that are in control!

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When a Christian becomes soley focused on doing things for God rather than being a child of God, it can become dangerous.  While we should work for Him, we were *designed* for relationship with Him!

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Our culture tells us that a little sin is okay.  It won't hurt us.  But small compromises lead to major failures.  What can we learn from Jesus' message to the church in the ancient city of Pergamum?

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When you find yourself in the middle of a battle, when you are facing your biggest struggle, Jesus is there.  He's right there with you - reminding you He is greater than anything you face.

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Have you ever been more in love with Jesus than you are right now?

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Struggling with depression? You're not alone! In this message, we conclude Roller Coaster Living with Elijah's lowest moment. You'll be encouraged.

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Sometimes, the roller coaster of life wears you down.  You don't think you can take it anymore.  The lows make you forget the highs.  In moments of dispair, it's hard to remember everything God has done.  How should we handle these dips in our life's roller coaster?

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It's one of the most famous stories from the Bible.  Elijah vs. the prophets of Baal.  How was Elijah able to have the confidence to face what seemed to be overwhelming odds in this showdown?

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When things are going from bad, to good, to bad, to great, to worse, it's a roller coaster of life that can wear you out.  Some of us have been there.  Some of us are there.  Every time it seems like things are going to get better, something else happens.  How do you deal with the lowest of the low points of life?

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The roller coaster of life can be unpredictable, and it can be easy to lapse into fear and worry.  We explore how God sustained the prophet Elijah through an impossible situation.

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Dr. Beth Grant, founder of Project Rescue, a ministry that rescues, educates, and supports women and children who were ensnared in the human trafficking industry.  Her message is challenging and convicting!  We cannot sit on our hope!

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You can't "kind of" follow God's plan, or "kind of" pursue His vision.  If you serve Him with half your heart, you're not serving Him.  God wants a monopoly on your life.  He wants exclusive possession and total control.

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One decision or action can set in motion a series of events that ends up in you being trapped.  In this message, we hope to help you open your eyes and see the process - how Satan tricks and traps you.

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Just like the game of Jenga, our lives are carefully balanced.  What happens when you take Jesus out of your life?

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Christians are supposed to think and act differently from the rest of the world.  How we respond to adversity, our reaction when we don't get our way, how we treat others - all of these should be different from the cultural norm.  But we live, work, and go to school in this culture.  It's easy to fall into the accepted patterns, isn't it?  So how do you do it?  How do you renew your mind and not conform to culture?

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Are we careful with the words we use?  Do our words lift people up or tear them down? 

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Battleship is a simple, fun game that many of us played as kids.  But some people seem to make Battleship a way of life. They shoot with words, looking to see where they can hurt and what damage they can cause.  Children, adults, even people in churches wage battle with their words.  It's inevitable that in life, we'll sometimes disagree.  When that happens, how should we handle it?

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In games, you want to win the game by beating your opponents.  But in real life, when you win by making someone else lose, you don't win.  You might think you win, but you don't.  No one does.  Unresolved conflict hurts the heart of God.

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In this series, we will use simple, fun games that we remember to learn some important principles.  Remember Hungry Hungry Hippos?  The object of the game is to get your hippo to eat as much as possible.  We can be physically hungry, but there's also spiritual hunger. Are you hungry? 

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The phrase "Been There, Done That" can have several different meanings.  It can be a badge of courage or accomplishment, or it can be funny.  It basically means someone has been there before.  Sometimes in life, it seems like we are facing things alone.  But in every area of our lives, we know that Jesus has "been there, done that" for us.

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This is a free audio download of Pastor Brad's new song he wrote for our series about people who are away from God. 

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We've already talked about the prodigal son who came home, the father who welcomed him.  But there is another family member in Jesus' parable:  the older brother, who does not react in the same way as his father when he finds out his wayward brother has returned home.  Why did Jesus tell this story?  Who is the older brother, and what can Christians learn from him?

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What is God's response when you run away and then come home? 

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When you are spiritually lost, lots of people tell you what you need to do, but how?  When you have completely messed up your life, how do you start over?  How can you ever be right and whole again?  How do you find your way home?

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A lot of us have funny stories about running away - little kids loading their backpack and not even making it to the front door.  But there are also some horribly sad and tragic stories.  Maybe you did it.  You left home and started running.  Life on the run was filled with mistakes, failures,  and regrets.  It's the same whether you run from your physical home, or are running from your spiritual home - from God, and faith.  Life as a runaway is not all it's cracked up to be.

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There are 160 million people in our country who do not attend church.  But only two percent of Christians invited an unchurched person to church last year.  Something has to change!

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To worship something or someone is to feel passionate about it or them, to the point it influences your behavior and choices and is obvious to others.  Worship is an attitude, a mindset, and a way of life.

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Sometimes, we try to face decisions, challenges, and just life in general based on our own wisdom and experience.  The whole time, we have the instruction manual, our guidebook for living, the Bible, with us, and we don't read and learn from it like we should.  Why is the Bible important to a life that follows Christ?

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After Jesus rose from the dead, He spent 40 days with his followers.  His final words to His followers were the key - what they needed to follow Him and lead the church.  And His words are key to us today.

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Everything affects everything.  You don't, and can't, compartmentalize your life.  A significant change in one area affects every other part.  A relationship with Jesus will affect the way you approach your family, your job, and even your money.

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Depending on your background, prayer is either something you've never done, something you do before meals and not many other times, or something you use when you are in trouble.  For others, prayer is a regular, normal part of your day.   What is prayer?  Why is it important? How and why should we pray?

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What does it really mean to be a Christian?  How do you follow Jesus?  How do you commit every part of your life to Him?  In this message, Pastor Rod begins this new series about what it really means to be a Christ follower.

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As we start a new year, Pastor Rod looks at the qualities of a healthy church - what makes a church that is effective and outward-focused?

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