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Everyone wants to be a leader. There are many books and resources about becoming a leader. But, the Bible is also filled with faithful followers. In this message, Pastor Rod Loy looks at the story of a famous follower.

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Too many Christians look at the world around us and only see the negative: they fret and worry about dark days ahead for the Church.  While we should be aware of what is happening in the world, the Bible tells us the end:  We Win!   The Bible tell us to be confident in our faith, because God wins in the end.  We should walk in victory, and not fear!

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The word "holiness" brings to mind a lot of different definitions, depending on your age or where you live.  Is it a certain way of dressing, or rules about where you can go and what you can do?  What does the Bible mean when it says that followers of Christ should be "separate" from the world?

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We are used to shouting, cheering, and celebrating after a sports win, but many of us have forgotten that all throughout the Bible, God's people celebrate His goodness in the same way.  The modern American church seems to have lost its shout.  

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