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Preventive maintenance is less expensive in the long run than having to fix a problem.  It's always better to check your car's oil than to end up on the side of the road with a non-functioning engine!

Wouldn't the same approach to our marriages and families make sense? Why do we wait until there is a crisis to act?  There are steps you can take now to prevent problems down the road.  In this message, Rod Loy looks at preventive maintenance for marriages.


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We all say we like change, but if you really get down to it, change makes us uncomfortable.  That can be dangerous.  Our comfort zones can keep us from experiencing all that God has for us and can hinder us from growing in our faith.   How do you break out of a comfort zone so you can continue to grow?


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If your car breaks down, you don't wait to see if it fixes itself.  You take it as soon as possible to a mechanic.

Trouble in your family?  It makes no sense, but we often decide that we can't tell anyone.  We have to figure it out on our own.

Isn't your family more important?  In this message, Rod Loy talks about what to do when you are faced with conflict in your family.


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Freedom.  Politicians promise it.  Patriots cherish it. Soldiers fight for it.

Prisoners dream of it. What is exactly is freedom?


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What does Jesus need today?  What does He need most of all?  He needs us.  He needs us to be His hands and feet - the demonstation of His love in a desperately hurting world.  His mission on this earth is going to be accomplished through you and me.  That's not always what the world defines as "normal."  It might even seem weird.



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