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Jesus said we should love our neighbor as ourself.  So the question is: who is my neighbor?  Pastor Parker Loy takes a look at one of the most famous stories in the Bible to see how Jesus answered this question.

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Like the Pharisees of the Bible, we often make up rules that have little to do with Scripture. Too often, love seems to give way to judging.  Grace has been replaced by score keeping.  What did Jesus have to say about this? How should we respond?

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Are you in a storm?  We're not talking about weather, but a life storm - when it feels like your life is crashing all around you.  It may seem impossible, unending, and devastating. Jesus, on the other hand, isn't frightened in the least by your storm.  

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Often, we think we don't have any talents to use for God, but the Bible says that He can use our particular gifts, even when they seem small to us.

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