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Weekend messages from Pastor Rod Loy and FirstNLR.

We continue our series Great Bible Stories by looking at the story of a lesser known character from the Bible - Ehud. This story of obedience and faithfulness reminds us that God uses unlikely people to do amazing things.

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Every family is different, and sadly, today we see a lot of families who have ongoing conflict! This weekend we study one of the most famous stories from the Bible surrounding conflict within the family, and learn how to end those family feuds. It's time to resolve conflict biblically and bring unity to the family.

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In this new series called "Great Bible Stories", we look at Josiah, the youngest boy to rule Judah. It is an encouraging message that will remind us that we are never too young to be used by God.

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We conclude our series "Teach Us To Pray" with the last line of the Lord's prayer. It is a powerful lesson on how to maintain a healthy God-dependence, recognizing that everything we have and everything we are comes from Him!

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