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Why was Jesus born in a stable?  Why are shepherds and wise men part of the story?  What is the real significance of this story that we revisit every year at Christmas time?

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Anyone can be a great person and wonderful Christian when things are going well.  When everyone likes you, you have plenty of money, you are healthy, and life is smooth, it's easy to be positive, faith-filled, and energetic.  But what about when the road is rough?  What will you be like then? What will be revealed about you when the pressure is on?

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Even as a follower of Jesus, we will experience hardship and difficulty in this life.  Expect it and decide ahead of time how you will react.  Now is the time to attach yourself to good people who will stay with you when times get hard.  How can these connections affect your life?

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In this message, we begin looking at the most famous prison break in the Bible. It’s an incredible story of courage and determination in the face of an impossible situation. If you are facing difficulty or hardship, the lessons will be life changing! 

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In this message, Pastor Rod continues our series with an incredible freedom story. You'll be inspired and encouraged to believe for your miracle!

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This is the live version of Pastor Brad Russell's song, performed at First Assembly of God in North Little Rock, Arkansas, on November 14, 2016.  

Pastor Brad has had some requests for the song and wanted to make it available to you!


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Most of us have never been in prison. But, there may be an addiction or a problem in your life that is holding you captive.  Maybe there is a situation or relationship that you don't know how to escape.  In this series, Pastor Rod Loy looks at prison stories from the Book of Acts, and uncovers some valuable lessons about freedom.

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Missionary Steve Pennington ends our series with what is one of the best missions messages we've ever heard! Steve shared some stories from Africa and gave us some new insight on a familiar Bible story.

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In this message, Pastor Rod Loy continues our series Dangerous Road Ahead with two key principles that will help you keep going when things look uncertain and dangerous. You'll be encouraged!

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In this message, Pastor Rod Loy talks about making it through life's dangerous roads. We'll also hear about some amazing people who choose to face danger while serving Jesus.


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Pastor Rod Loy finishes our "Only God" series with the story of an unlikely candidate for a miracle, who received his healing in an unusual way. You can still believe for your miracle!

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Are you in a season of life where there is just never enough? Never enough money, time, energy?  In this message, Pastor Parker Loy looks at two miracles from Scripture and the message for you. You will be encouraged to believe God for miracles!

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What should we do when we can't "feel" God?  In these spiritual dry times, what does it mean to dig a ditch?


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Have you ever had a problem that was too big to handle? It doesn't look like you have a chance. In this message, Pastor Rod Loy looks at the story of an upset victory by an underdog.  We can learn what to do when the odds are against us!

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Have you given up on your prayers being answered?  Has your dream died?  Do you think it's too late for your miracle?  In this message, Rod Loy looks at a story of a miracle in the Bible and a mother who would not give up.  You can get your hopes up!

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When you have big problems, but no answers; big needs, but little left, it can be frightening and discouraging. You wonder if there is any answer, any hope.   Where is God in this situation?

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In this message, Pastor Rod Loy looks at the question, "Do we keep it all for ourselves, or do we share with everyone else?"

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Everyone wants to be a leader. There are many books and resources about becoming a leader. But, the Bible is also filled with faithful followers. In this message, Pastor Rod Loy looks at the story of a famous follower.

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Too many Christians look at the world around us and only see the negative: they fret and worry about dark days ahead for the Church.  While we should be aware of what is happening in the world, the Bible tells us the end:  We Win!   The Bible tell us to be confident in our faith, because God wins in the end.  We should walk in victory, and not fear!

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The word "holiness" brings to mind a lot of different definitions, depending on your age or where you live.  Is it a certain way of dressing, or rules about where you can go and what you can do?  What does the Bible mean when it says that followers of Christ should be "separate" from the world?

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We are used to shouting, cheering, and celebrating after a sports win, but many of us have forgotten that all throughout the Bible, God's people celebrate His goodness in the same way.  The modern American church seems to have lost its shout.  

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One of the things we seem to have lost over time is our song.  Sometimes life gets us down.  How can we have joy, how can we sing with the way the world seems to be going today?  Have you been there?  What do you do when you lose your song?

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It's an interesting time in America right now.  It seems like a lot of people have lost their sanity.  They are going crazy, giving in to fear and believing some of the most ridiculous things.   Remember, we serve a God who is everywhere.  He is bigger, stronger, and mightier than any crisis or political party.  What can Christ followers do to restore some sanity on our culture?  You may not like the answer.

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It's a horrible feeling to lose something special and important to you.  In this message, Pastor Rod Loy talks about something many Christians seem to have lost - something special, important, that Scripture commands. Too many Christians have lost their smile. They don't display the joy of knowing, following, and serving Jesus.

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The American church hasn't always been willing to talk about suffering. But we can't avoid the topic - the Bible spends a fair amount of time on this subject. How should a believer face suffering?

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Loneliness can affect all of us. Sometimes it is for a moment, and sometimes it seems like it will never end. What can we do at these times of life?

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Sometimes, it seems like the storms of life just drag on and on.  Then, you think maybe things are settling down.  But then there's one more thing.  Sometimes, it's the one more thing that tips you over the edge.   You survived a major storm, but now, here you go again.  What can we do when one more thing pops up in our lives?

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When you are in a storm of life, you deal with so many emotions, like fear, loneliness, and anger.  When the storm drags on, you may deal with discouragement or depression. So, what do you do?  How do you survive life's storms?

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We all go through storms in our lives.  We're not talking here about natural storms: thunderstorms, hurricanes, or blizzards.  We all face storms of life: divorce, sickness, sorrow, or death.  It's like there is no way out and no hope.  You don't always know where to turn, but you definitely want the storm to end!  What should you do when you find yourself in a storm?

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When you look at the title of this message, you may think, "I don't need any help making bad decisions.  I'm good at that on my own!"  But in this story from the Bible, we learn the patterns of bad decision making so we can recognize it in our lives and change our approach.

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The lostness of our world should break our hearts.  What is our reaction supposed to be to all the hurt and pain?  Sin should break our hearts and move us to tears.  We are supposed to share our faith!  In this message, Pastor Parker Loy looks at the story of the Apostle Paul in Athens, and how he shared his faith with that culture.  What he did applies to us in our culture, too!

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One of life's biggest problems is something most people don't see as a problem at all - success. We've all failed, but many times the more difficult test of an individual is how they handle success.

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You should be able to walk in the door of church and feel loved and accepted.  But any time people live, work, or spend lots of time together, conflict inevitably happens.  Even at church, people can disagree.  The true test of faith and maturity is - how will we conduct ourselves, and how can we resolve these issues?  What does it mean to resolve conflict Biblically?

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In this message, we look at one of the most incredible stories in the Bible.  Two guys, as different from each other as they could be, both had incredible visions from God. One was a Christian, and the other was a Christian killer. It's a story filled with danger, intrigue, surprise, and adventure.

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Do you have conflict, tension or broken relationships in your family? In this message, we learn reconciliation lessons from a touching, powerful story in the Bible. Families can be healed!

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If you have credit card debt, it's one of, if not the biggest, sources of stress in your life. It affects your health, your marriage, and your family.  You can change your thinking and patterns in your financial life!  In this message, Pastor Rod Loy looks at causes of debt, and ways we can pay it down and live debt free.

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People spend a lot of time planning for weddings and honeymoons, but don't often spend a lot of time planning for a successful marriage.  In this message, Pastor Rod Loy shares some principles that will make a marriage thrive, regardless of what stage of life you are in.

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We're all getting older.  We have a choice.  Do we want to be a good old person who encourages younger generations and shows them the way to go, or will we be grouchy and negative in our older years?  What can we do to ensure that we will be a good old person?

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Families come in all shapes and sizes.  One of our core values is We Must Build Healthy Families.  How can we make our families spiritually healthy? 

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We live in an instant society.  Everything has to be done right now.  But life is not always instant.  God isn't instant.  We want immediate answers, instant results and on-demand blessings.  But God doesn't operate on our timeline.  For many people, this is a big challenge - why they walk away from God and give up on faith.

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The result of all the scams and lies in our culture today is that we don't know who or what to trust. Does the way we trust people affect how we trust God?  

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For the follower of Jesus, success is to be faithful.  That's the goal - faithful to God, faithful to your family, faithful to your spouse, faithful to your job. God promises His blessings, what the world views as success, in response to your faithfulness.  But how can we be faithful in everything?

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People have a lot of questions, doubts, and misunderstandings about God.  This is a question that people who are believers and people who don't know God wrestle with.  It's a tough one.  Why do bad things happen to good people?

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It's easy to forgive someone who cuts you off in traffic, or the bully from Third Grade. You can get past things like that.  The people closest to you are more difficult to forgive.  The hurts are deep.  The memories stay fresh.  What is forgiveness, and what is it not?

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Negative thinking is the pull to see everything and everyone through a critical, cynical grid.  This pattern of thinking holds you back, diminishes your influence and keeps you from developing relationships with others.  In this message, Pastor Brian Dollar examines how to get rid of "stinking thinking."

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How does God get through to someone whose conscience has been seared, who no longer feels or knows the difference between right and wrong?

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Pastor Brad's new song from the February 6,7 weekend services:  I Remember You

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We all hate to wait.  The worst waiting is when you have a dream, or a promise from God that hasn't come to pass yet.  You know what should happen. But it's not happening.   This is the place where many people give up on His promise, their assignment, or their dream.   But what is happening while we wait?

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When you are faithful in how you treat others and are generous, you can expect to be blessed.  You can't expect to be blessed when you are disobedient.  We all understand that.  But, how do you respond when you've been faithful and things still go wrong?

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If you know you are capable of sin - that's the tug of the human heart - then you need to know how to handle temptation - the impulse to sin.  You need to learn boundaries, safeguards, and strategies to overcome Satan and His agenda to destroy you.

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Dreaming looks into the future and visualizes the world as God meant it to be. Dreaming is about seeing reality through God's eyes.  

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Sometimes when we have a dream from God, we feel like the path should be smooth and easy sailing.  But often, life is not that way.  In the story of Joseph, we can learn some important principles from a very complicated life.

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What does it mean to be a healthy church?  What makes a church healthy?  What principles are important to make sure our church is healthy and growing?

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