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Are you a doubter?  You can read so many crazy stories, hoaxes, and conspiracies on the Internet these days, it's hard to believe if anything is the truth anymore.   Thomas, one of Jesus's disciples, had a hard time believing that Jesus had actually risen from the grave.  The way Jesus showed him the truth is the same way He helps us when we doubt.  

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We are studying Jesus' encounters with unlikely people. In this message, we look at a lifetime loser with multiple failures.  Life was empty, she couldn't find fulfillment.  Then, in an instant, everything changed.

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In the short time Jesus was in active ministry on earth, you'd think He would choose the best and the brightest to be his disciples, but that wasn't the case.  In some cases, he chose people you'd never think would make good followers.   But He saw the potential in people like Matthew, and He sees the potential in you, too.

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The church is the one place where you shouldn't have to fear being judged and rejected for your past.  We should be able to bring our hurts, sins, and our pasts to church and receive acceptance and forgiveness.  But, it can be a real fear.  Will people condemn me?  Will God even accept me?

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In the ancient world, children were considered to be very low status, valuable to families only if it was thought they could be productive.   Jesus had a radical attitude about children: that all of them were priceless treasures who had a part in God's Kingdom.  

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