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When things are going your way, if feels like anything you try is going to succeed.  You love those times and wish you could make it last forever.  But, inevitably, something comes wrong.  Difficulty comes.  Challenges and obstacles arise.  You're in a deep, dark valley that seems like it will go on forever.  What do you do?  How do you survive?  Will you survive?

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No matter how far you've wandered and left the flock, the Good Shepherd seeks you out.  The word "restores" is present tense, not past tense.  It's something God does now, immediately.  There's not a waiting period to be restored by God.

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Are you stressed?  The world today is a busy, stressful place.   But we can find rest. Jesus, our Shepherd, prepared the way for us so you can find rest and peace.

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The 23rd Psalm might be the best known chapter in the Bible.  This Psalm is on greeting cards, crafts, rugs, pictures, and paintings.  The words are very familiar.  But familiar words don't always mean understood words.   In this series, Pastor Rod Loy will transform a passage that can seem rote and remind us that it is one that is rich with meaning.

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We should look at life with a "long lens."  A long lens, like a telescope, lets you see what you can't see at a casual glance.  A long lens lets you see trouble or opportunity way out on the horizon that you can't see now.

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