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We want God's plan as long as it is easy, and makes sense.  We want it to be logical, detailed, and complete with every step clearly laid out in advance.  But what happens when we don't know all the details?  Like Moses, will we find it hard to obey God at first?



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Sometimes we all have "wilderness" times:  when we feel horribly alone and forgotten.  We might wonder if God even knows where we are...

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We are obsessed with speed.  We want what we want - and we want it now!  Are we that way with God, too?  Are we even impatient with our Heavenly Father who knows what is best for us?  In this message, Pastor Patrick Lander continues the story of Moses and his impatience with God's plan.

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We often wonder "why?"  We search to find a reason, meaning or purpose in difficult circumstances, unjust decisions, and unreasonable people. When there are no good answers, it forces a difficult decision: Will you trust God despite circumstances?

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