First Assembly NLR Audio Podcast
Weekend messages from Pastor Rod Loy and FirstNLR.

In this message, we study God’s Promise to answer your prayers. If you have loved ones visiting for Thanksgiving—bring them with you, or tune in together online! The service is engaging and high-energy, full of music and testimonies that demonstrate the faithfulness of our God.

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In this message, we study God’s Promise of salvation. If you have been on the edge of completely surrendering control to Jesus, this for you! If you have been praying for unsaved friends and loved ones, share this with them. It’s a powerful message full of testimonies and music, all pointing to the incredible redeeming power and love of our God.

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In this episode, we study God’s Promise to strengthen you and protect you. If you’ve been going through a tough time and are feeling defeated, this message is for you. You’ll be encouraged by the promise that you serve a supernatural God who is greater than your enemy!

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In this message, we’ll study one of God’s Promises you can stand on in times of sickness. Pastor Rod will answer common questions about healing.

Whether you’ve been waiting on a miracle for days, years, or decades—God’s healing power is real, and it’s available to you. Our team is looking forward to praying with you to receive it!

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In this message, we look at one of God’s Promises that demonstrates how His blessings correspond to your generosity. Getting ahold of this promise is THE antidote to anxiety and frustration about your finances!

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