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Weekend messages from Pastor Rod Loy and FirstNLR.

Accountability is vital to growth and change.  But if you want to ruin your life, avoid accountability.  Don't let anyone challenge your decisions and actions.  Don't allow anyone to ask you the tough questions.  What is the result when we live without accountability?

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Our society encourages us to compare ourselves with others - the way we look, how much stuff we have, the products we use.  But the problem with comparison is - whether you win or lose, in the end you'll always lose.

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Your words have power.  When you open your mouth before you engage your brain, it leads to disaster.  In this message, Brian Dollar talks about the power of our words, and some steps we can take to help us think before we speak.

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In our world today, there is an epidemic of selfishness.  Everywhere you look, people are consumed with living for themselves.  Why is this a problem?

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