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We all need a friend like Silas, someone who will stick with us in the tough times, when we are under pressure.

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Barnabas was a disciple in the Book of Acts who was a great encourager to other believers.  We all need encouragers in our lives.  And, we all should be encouragers for other people.

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We are not supposed to be alone.  We were designed and created for connection.  We not only need other people in our lives, we need the right people in our lives.  Who are those right people, and what type of friends are important in your journey to be a lifelong follower of Christ?

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What makes a healthy church?  What are some things that can keep a church from becoming inward focused and dysfunctional.  Using the early church in the Book of Acts as a guide, Rod Loy examines the healthy church.

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Don't make any New Year's resolutions until after you've heard this message - Pastor Rod will challenge you to look at resolutions in a whole new way!

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