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What can we learn from one of the most ruthless and evil dictators in history?  In todays message we learn how not to be like Xerxes, one of the biggest jerks in the Bible.

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Pastor Randy continues our Elephant in the Room on the subject of Extremes of Grace.  Grace is God’s wonderful gift to his followers, yet some overemphasize the power of grace to excuse sinful living. Others rob grace of its power by adding requirements to grace resulting in legalism.  In this message on Radical Grace, Pastor Randy lays out a biblical view of grace that avoids these extremes.

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Anger and bitterness are destructive forces as we learn from the story of Haman in the book of Esther.

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In this lesson we learn how the right actions of a compassionate, Jewish man in exile honored God, earned the gratitude of his king, and ultimately saved his people.

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Do you feel too insignificant for your needs to matter to God or anyone else?  We learn from the story of two blind beggars that Jesus is interested in those who others ignore.  Ask anyway.

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