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Pastor Brad's original song for Christmas, recorded live at First Assembly on Christmas Day, 2011.

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How many people celebrate Christmas, but miss the point? 

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Rod Loy shares some practical ways that you can keep going in the right direction toward what God wants for us, and away from our past.

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So many people who look back at their old lives do it based on a revised history, filled with faulty memories.  They remember the good times, and not the bad things that caused them to turn to God in the first place.  Satan likes to remind us of the good times while blinding us to the consequences.  We need to make sure to remember God's grace and how far He has brought us!

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Even good people with good intentions can get totally distracted from what's right and do things that make absolutely no sense. But in spite of all that, we need to continue to move forward.  We should continually grow in our faith and relationship with Christ.

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At one point in our lives, we were all slaves to sin.  When we found relationship with God through His Son, Jesus and decided to follow Him, we left all that behind.  But, we've all seen it happen:  for some reason, some people turn back to the life they left behind.  Why?

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God saves us from our old life.  We find joy and peace in Him.  Why is it so tempting then, to return to our old ways?  If you feel that pull, or your life seems to be an endless series of ups and downs, back and forth, check out this series - we want to see you move forward!

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Worship is an attitude, a mindset, and a way of life.  People worship a lot of things:  money, fun, power and position.  If you truly worship God, He is first in your life.  It's not about styles of music, or how we worship, it's THAT we worship!

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Anyone can love those who love them.  Jesus presents a higher standard.  Love your enemies.  Treat them as forgiven friends.  Pray for them and love them.   Our love for each other is the evidence that we are followers of Jesus Christ.  If we do not love others, what does that say about us?

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In fashion, you want to fit in.  In life fashion, you definitely do NOT want to fit in.

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