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Why was Jesus born in a stable?  Why are shepherds and wise men part of the story?  What is the real significance of this story that we revisit every year at Christmas time?

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Anyone can be a great person and wonderful Christian when things are going well.  When everyone likes you, you have plenty of money, you are healthy, and life is smooth, it's easy to be positive, faith-filled, and energetic.  But what about when the road is rough?  What will you be like then? What will be revealed about you when the pressure is on?

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Even as a follower of Jesus, we will experience hardship and difficulty in this life.  Expect it and decide ahead of time how you will react.  Now is the time to attach yourself to good people who will stay with you when times get hard.  How can these connections affect your life?

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In this message, we begin looking at the most famous prison break in the Bible. It’s an incredible story of courage and determination in the face of an impossible situation. If you are facing difficulty or hardship, the lessons will be life changing! 

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In this message, Pastor Rod continues our series with an incredible freedom story. You'll be inspired and encouraged to believe for your miracle!

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This is the live version of Pastor Brad Russell's song, performed at First Assembly of God in North Little Rock, Arkansas, on November 14, 2016.  

Pastor Brad has had some requests for the song and wanted to make it available to you!


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Most of us have never been in prison. But, there may be an addiction or a problem in your life that is holding you captive.  Maybe there is a situation or relationship that you don't know how to escape.  In this series, Pastor Rod Loy looks at prison stories from the Book of Acts, and uncovers some valuable lessons about freedom.

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Missionary Steve Pennington ends our series with what is one of the best missions messages we've ever heard! Steve shared some stories from Africa and gave us some new insight on a familiar Bible story.

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In this message, Pastor Rod Loy continues our series Dangerous Road Ahead with two key principles that will help you keep going when things look uncertain and dangerous. You'll be encouraged!

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In this message, Pastor Rod Loy talks about making it through life's dangerous roads. We'll also hear about some amazing people who choose to face danger while serving Jesus.


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