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We continue our series, Teach Us To Pray, by looking at the third line of the Lord's Prayer which asks us to depend upon God for our daily needs. Pastor Rod's message will challenge you to let go and fully depend upon God for the strength you need.

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We continue our series, Teach Us To Pray, by looking at the second line of the Lord's Prayer. Pastor Rod will break down this powerful sentence, teaching what it means to seek after the will of God, allowing Him to be in control. #FirstNLR #RodLoy #TeachUsToPray #ESMTG

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In this first message of the Teach Us to Pray series, Pastor Rod explores the opening of the Lord's Prayer as a model for beginning our daily time with our Heavenly Father.

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All followers of Christ should make the pursuit of the presence of God their first priority. Powerful blessings accompany Gods presence. In this message, Pastor Rod finishes our series on worship by talking about preparing for the presence of God.

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King David made a big mistake when he tried to bring the arc of the covenant to Jerusalem the first time, and he learned a hard lesson. Pastor Rod teaches us how we can learn about effective worship through Kind David's second try. David got it right that time, and we can too.

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King David, on a mission to bring the Arc of the Covenant back to Jerusalem, made a mistake in judgement that separated him and his people from the presence of God. In this message, Pastor Rod teaches how David's mistake and later his realization is a lesson to all of us about the great value of staying in the presence of God.

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If you grew up in church, you probably were taught about the story of The Good Samaritan. What was Jesus really trying to teach us from this parable? What does "love your neighbor" mean to a follower of Jesus?

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Watching the way we live, it appears we believe "My life consists of what I have -- my stuff."  Jesus warns us about the dangers of a life consumed by greed in a parable that you may not have heard before.

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One of the most confusing stories Jesus told was the parable of the talents.  In this message Pastor Rod reveals how Jesus's story illustrates God's approach to his resources and our responsibilities.

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From one of Jesus' parables we learn that God loves everyone and heaven celebrates when someone makes the decision to follow Jesus. From another story, we learn that God seeks after those who are lost.

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There is a seat at the table for you! You are welcome to be a part of God's family. Pastor Rod looks at an incredible story Jesus told and what it means for you.

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Have you ever looked down on people who don’t have “as much of God" as you? Maybe you've seen someone who is new to faith and struggling with addiction and thought, “They just need to clean themselves up.” Pastor Brian teaches what to do if you struggle with spiritual pride.

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One missing piece can ruin things.  A nine-thousand piece puzzle with one missing piece is worthless.  Sports teams, businesses, and relationships routinely fail because of some vital, missing element.  In this Easter message, Pastor Rod discusses the importance of finding that important, missing piece in our lives.

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Pastor Rod concludes our series on Healing. One touch from Jesus can change everything. Regardless of your situation, Jesus can and wants to heal you.

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What is the "right" way to be healed? Do miracles only happen if you follow a formula? Who has to pray if you want to be healed? Pastor Rod Loy walks through these questions and more.

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Looking at stories from the Bible, Pastor Rod shares practical ways to care for someone battling long-term illness and things to remember if you are battling a long-term illness.

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Pastor Rod begins our new series looking at stories from the Bible when people were miraculously healed by Jesus.

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We finish our series on The Fruit of the Spirit with the final fruit, one that seems to be increasingly rare in our angry, out-of-control society: self-control.

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Society doesn't often reward the gentle over the harsh or the humble over the judgmental.  It has even become common for Christians to match the world's harsh injustice with a kind of "righteous" harshness.  In this eighth lesson on the fruit of the Spirit, we explore the gentle attitude that Jesus expects of his followers.

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What does faithfulness look like for the follower of Jesus? What is the evidence of a life of faithfulness? Join us today as Pastor Rod answers those questions.

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The word "good" might be the most overused word in the English language.  We use it to describe our children's behavior, our food, even our dog.  To be "good" has come to mean "not bad", but in the scripture, good means much more.  In this message on the sixth Fruit of the Spirit, we learn what the Bible teaches about goodness.

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One of the most difficult fruit of the spirit to develop is patience. As members of an instant society, it can be difficult to tolerate the the aspects of life that develop more slowly. In today's lesson we explore why patience is such an important fruit for followers of Christ to produce, and how we might cultivate patience in our lives.

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Kindness has become rare in our society.  For followers of Jesus, kindness should be a normal, everyday, all the time priority.  In this message we explore the importance of this fourth fruit of the spirit.

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Kindness has become rare in our society.  For followers of Jesus, kindness should be a normal, everyday, all the time priority.  In this message we explore the importance of this fourth fruit of the spirit.

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In today's world peace can be a rarity - It doesn't have to be though! God wants us to experience the peace He can provide on a daily basis. Learn how you can have peace regardless of your circumstances. Share and Invite your friends who need peace.

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We continue our study of the Fruit of the Spirit with a look at Joy. The Apostle Paul tells us that followers of Christ should be filled with the Joy of the Lord. How can we find and live a life full of joy?

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This weekend, we start a brand new series "The Fruit of the Spirit." Each week, we will look in depth at one of the Fruits of the Spirit, and be challenged to grow. We kick off our study with the dominant theme in Paul's letters... love.

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God created the church and it belongs to Him. Our goal is to please Him in who we are and what we do. Your quest and mine should be for a biblically functioning community - a healthy church that fulfills the purposes of a church as laid out in Scripture.

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