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Weekend messages from Pastor Rod Loy and FirstNLR.
Who are your favorite people to spend time with? Chances are, they are people that make you feel better about yourself. Some people are lifters--they make you feel good when you are around them. Other people are "downers," and have the opposite effect on you. What can you do to be a lifter in the lives of others?
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There are three kinds of people: those who are "hot," meaning they are close followers of Christ, those who are "cold," meaning they have no knowledge of God, and those who are "lukewarm," meaning they are supposedly followers of Christ, but don't live according to His Word. In other words, they are hypocrites. What happens when you are "lukewarm"? In this message, Rod Loy examines how people become lukewarm, and how they can get "hot" again.
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You can tell a lot about someone by what comes out of their mouth. What would someone listening to you think about you? Even more, if you are a Christian, would anyone know it by the words you say? In this message, Rod Loy examines the importance of our words.
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Certain times of the year or events can cause us all to feel blue and even get depressed. What causes this issue in our life? How can we fix it?
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Feeling down about yourself? Feel like you're not good for anything? You need a lift! In this message, Rod Loy looks at the causes of poor self-esteem, and how we can find our worth in God.
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Why should we stay stuck in the same rut we've always been in? It's time to lift! In this message, the first of the Lift! series, Rod Loy examines habits and how they have control of our lives and how we can change for the better.
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In the race of life, we eventually will finish. We need to take as many with us across the finish line as possible!
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In this message, Rod Loy examines one of the seven churches mentioned in the book of Revelation: Philadelphia.  The primary message?  Jesus is coming soon!  Regardless of political or economic problems, take heart: God is in control, and Jesus is coming soon!
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We are running a race. It's a race to share the Gospel of Jesus with the world. Sometimes things get tough. Don't quit! In this message, Rod Loy continues the missions series, The Race. (Note: certain names and places have been edited to protect believers in hostile countries).
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Jesus gave the church instructions on what we should do: preach the gospel to all the world. With those words, He started the most important race in all history. Time is counting down. The race is on. It's time to jump in and run the race. Today, not later. Today!
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