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Weekend messages from Pastor Rod Loy and FirstNLR.

In this final message of our Year with Jesus, Pastor Rod examines Jesus: what can we learn from His interactions with people about His character, His priorities, and His values?  What does it really mean to follow Jesus?

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No telling of the Christmas story is complete without the star:  Jesus.  But He is more than just a baby born long ago.  He is the Savior.

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The arrival of Jesus changed everything.  Jesus did not come as a savior for one selective group of people.  Jesus came for all people.

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When we tell the Christmas story, we don't spend a lot of time dwelling on Herod the Great, who brutally ruled the area where Jesus was born.  But his story is an important part of the real Christmas story.

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The Bible doesn't say much about Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus.  But we can learn a lot about what it takes to be a person of integrity by his actions.  He was wiling to give up his own plans and dreams in order to further God's plan for our world.

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Our society is once again racing headlong into the Christmas season. But for the next 40 days, we are going to slow down and really consider the first Christmas.  We're going to look closer and learn from the main characters in the story.   Perhaps the most famous woman in the Bible is Mary, the mother of Jesus, who was fantastically used by God.

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Closed, locked doors do not stop God!  Pastor Rod finishes our missions series with more stories about the Gospel reaching into impossible places, and how one 5 year old boy made a difference in a distant country.

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There are countries all over the planet that are closed to the Gospel. But closed and locked doors don't stop God!   

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Doors can be used to let people in, but they can also be used to keep people out.  Or keep people in.  We're not talking about literal doors in this series, but figurative ones. People and people groups, and in some cases, entire countries that are closed to the Gospel.

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Have you ever been in a situation where your supply was just not enough?  Have you ever totaled your expenses and your income just didn't cut it?  Pastor Brian Dollar looks at one of Jesus' most unusual miracles, which reminds us that God knows our needs.

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