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Weekend messages from Pastor Rod Loy and FirstNLR.
Have you ever wanted to kick someone out of your family for doing something stupid?  Unlike reality shows, we really can't kick someone off our "island," but in every home, in every relationship, conflict will arise.  Solving conflict in a Biblical manner is key to a healthy home.
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Life is pretty hectic these days, isn't it? The average family doesn't even eat dinner together that often anymore. In this message, the first in the Family Survivor series, Rod Loy talks about the importance of keeping your family together in a busy world.
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So, gas prices have you down? They keep getting higher and higher with no sign of coming down any time soon. Gas prices are causing a lot of people to rethink their spending. In this final message of the Living Large series, Rod Loy talks about more principles to share with your family about money and finances.
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Ants are tiny creatures with tiny brains. Yet, they somehow know to put away food and supplies for the future. Are you as smart as an ant? In this message, Rod Loy talks about more principles to teach your children about finances.
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Like Veruca Salt, the little brat in the Willy Wonka movie, we often want to buy possessions right now. Stewardship, though, involves spending our money more wisely. In this message, Rod Loy examines some more principles of stewardship.
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Some people get nervous when a preacher starts talking about money in church. But today, everywhere you go, people are talking about money. It's on TV, in the newspapers and the internet. In this message, Rod Loy teaches some principles that can transform your financial life and future and positively impact the lives of the next generation.
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In this message, Rod Loy looks at the story of King David bringing the Ark of the Covenant back into Jerusalem. From this story, we can learn some leadership lessons that affect our lives today.
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